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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member      Damiane de Mereliot

Tsingani Vocabulary

baro kumpai: the four mightiest kumpanias.

chaidrov: a route-marker, a symbol known only to Tsingani.

: girl

chavo: boy

dandos: brains

Didikani: halfbreed

dromonde: the art of speaking prophecy, either looking into the future or the past, generally a natural-born talent in women. It is vrajna for men to speak the dromonde. Base word of "drom" or "road", so literally: seeing down the long road

gadje: non-Tsingani people (gadjo for males; presumably gadji for females)

galb: coin-wrought jewelry

gavvering: strict, belligerent

grya: horses

Hokkano: the many ways Tsingani part D'Angelines from their money

Kralis: king, sovereign

kumpania: a tribe or clan

kushi gurya: good horses for sale

laxta: the unsullied virtue of a Tsingani woman. If a woman loses her laxta, she loses all her worth

Lungo Drom: the "Long Road" that all Tsingani travel

mulo: ghost, spirit

rinkeni chavo: pretty boy

tseroman: headman of a family or kumpania

vrajna: unclean, forbidden, against the Tsingani code of behavior


This information was contributed by:
Thoridyss Wyborn,
Initiate of the Night Court


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