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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member Mariana Shahrizai

The Places of Terre d'Ange and their Real World Equivalents


Terre d'Ange : Real World Equivalent

Alba: Britain (England and Scotland)
Amilcar : Barcelona
Aragonia : Spain
Bhodistan : India
Bryn Gorrydum : some draw a connection between Bryn Gorrydum and London. However, it is closest to the area of The Wash. There is no city there, but Peterborough is the closest big city.
Caerdicca Unitas : Italy

Carthage : the ancient empire of Carthage; coast of modern Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya

Ch'in : China
The Chowat : Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania
City of Elua : Avignon
Clunderry : Stoke-on-Trent
Cythera : Cyprus
Dobria : Dover (notable for its white cliffs)
Drujan : Azerbaijan, Georgia, parts of Northern Iran, and possibly parts of Southern Russia along the Caspian Sea.
Eire : Eire
The Empire of the Sun : Japan
Ephesium : Turkey
Euskerria : Basque country
The Flatlands : the Benelux countries- the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium
Gotland : Norway, Sweden, Finland
Hellas : Greece
Illyria : the Slavic coastal regions including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Albania
Innisclan : roughly, Carlisle England
Iskandria : Alexandria
Jebe-Barkal : Ethiopia, plus some parts of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and southern Sudan
Khebbel-im-Akkad : the old Persian Empire, which makes a bit of sense as the Persians conquered the Akkadian empire, situated along the Iranian plateau
Kriti : Crete
Kusheth : the region of Bretagne in France
La Serenissima : Venice
The Lake of Tears : Lake Victoria
Lucca : Lucca
Marsilikos : Marseille
Menekhet : Egypt
MeroŽ : Khartoum
Milazza : Milan
Miroslas : most likely either Kazan or Ekaterinberg
Nahar River : Nile River
Nubia : Chad
Saba : derived from Sheba, contains parts of modern Congo, Uganda, and Kenya
Shangun : Beijing
Skaldia : Germany
Tarkov : Moscow
Tatar territory : a general area encompassing the vast expanse of the Mongol Empire (probably under Ghengis Khan/Temujin)
Terra Nova : America
Terre d'Ange : France
Tiberium : Rome
Tisaar : Kisumu
The Umaiyyat : the Arabian Peninsula, which is interesting because "ummah" in Arabic stands for the entire united Arab world... which, during the time period of about 630-750 AD consisted solely of the Arabian Peninsula
Vralgrad : St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad)
Vralia : Russia


This information was compiled and contributed by members:
Daphne, Dowayne of Eglantine House and
Niklos Shahrizai, Adept of Bryony House.


If you're a member and have something that you would like to submit to our library, please send a private message Mariana Shahrizai.

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