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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member Mariana Shahrizai

Name Meanings & Origins in the Kushielverse
(this is a partial list and should be considered a work in progress)

Alais - possibly an Old French form of 'Alice,' which, through some etymological backtracking means "nobly born";
perhaps based on the name AnaÔs, which comes from Anna, which comes from Hebrew Hannah, which means "favour, grace"

Alcuin - German: noble friend; possibly akin to Alcacysm, a Greek lyric poet (600 BC); Saint Alcuin was a great medieval scholar who encouraged the spread of literacy and founded several educational institutions in Europe.

Anael - may be derived from "Hannah" meaning "grace" in Hebrew. The name would then be another transcription of 'Hannael' (grace of God; beauty of God), or more commonly Haniel, one of the seven archangels in Jewish faith.
The spelling might indicate that it is in fact a compound name from the Hebrew elements 'ana' and 'el', thus meaning "song of God" or "God has answered".
As a male name, first used in France in the 1960s, AnaŽl is also believed to be a blend of the name Anne and the Breton suffix -aŽl to make a male version of Anne, a very popular name in Brittany.
Note: Anael is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

Baudoin - from Germanic: brave friend (BOD-wun)

Bernadette - French: brave as a bear

Camael - Hebrew: strength of God
Note: Camael is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

Cassiel - Hebrew: my cover is God
Note: Cassiel is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

Claire - French: clear, bright, illustrious, famous

Claude - Latin: lame, disabled

Claudia - Latin: lame, disabled

Denise - French: devotee of Dionysus; derived from Dennis- Dionysus

Drustan - Ancient Celtic diminutive of Drust. Became "Tristan" when the spelling was altered, courtesy of Tristan and Isolde, to link it with the Latin "triste", meaning "sad".

Eamonn - Irish form of Old English Eadmund, which means "prosperous, happy warrior". Suits the younger but not the older.

Edmee - French: prosperous protection

Eleazar - Hebrew: God has helped; God is my help

Elua - 'el' means God in Hebrew

Emile - from Latin aemulus: to emulate, to be industrious; rival

Enoch - Hebrew: educated, dedicated, devoted

Estelle - Latin: star

Frederic - French variation of English Frederick, peaceful ruler

Gerard - Germanic: strength of the spear

Ghislain - French: pledge, vow, hostage
From the Germanic element "ghil" meaning "promise, vow" but also referring to a servant who let himself be captured for the sake of his master - a voluntary hostage.

Helena - Greek: torch

Hubert - English: bright mind, intelligent

Hyacinthe - Greek: hyacinth. Mythological name.

Imriel - Hebrew: eloquence of God

Isabel - Spanish: God is my oath; Hebrew: my god is a vow

Isidore - Greek: gift of Isis

Jean/Jeanne/Jehane - French: God is gracious

Joscelin - French form of Hebrew Jacoba, feminine of Jacob, which means 'supplanter, substitute.'
From the Germanic masculine name Gautzelin, which was derived from the name of a Germanic tribe, the Gauts. This name was brought to England by the Normans in the form Goscelin or Joscelin, and was common until the 14th century. It was revived in the 20th century primarily as a feminine name, perhaps an adaptation of the surname Jocelyn (a medieval derivative of the given name).

Juliette - French form of English Juliet, youthful

Kushiel - punisher of God
Note: Kushiel is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

Leander - Greek: lion of a man. Mythological name.

Lisette - French: God is my oath; Hebrew: my god is a vow

Luc - either from Latin, lux (meaning light) or from Greek, of Lucania

Lucius - Latin: light

Marc - French: warlike, from Latin Mars

Marguerite - French: pearl

Melisande - Possibly a variant of the Old French name Melisende; from the Germanic Millicent, from 'amalwint'. Amal means "labour", and swint "strength".
Some, though, associate it with the Greek name Melissa (honey-bee).

Micah - Hebrew: Who is like God?

Micheline - French: Who is like God, French form of Michael

Millard - from an English surname: guardian of the mill

Naamah - Hebrew: pleasant, beautiful
Note: Naamah is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

Percy - French, diminutive of Percival: Pierce valley, derived from Perseus

Phedre - from Greek Phaedra: the shining one; bright

Phillippe - from Greek Philippos: lover of horses

Quintilius - A Roman dimunitive derived from Quintus, meaning fifth

Raife - French form of Germanic Ralph, wolf council

Renee - French: reborn

Rousse - red or Russian

Roxanne - English: dawn

Royce - English: of a famous kin

Sara - Hebrew: princess

Sidonie - Latin: of Sidon (a Phoenician city); French: fine cloth

Simon (Ximon) - Hebrew: he heard; listening

Thomas - Aramaic: twin

Tsingan, Tsingano - gypsy

Victor - Latin: winner, conqueror

Vivianne - French: alive

Yvonne - French: yew


This information was compiled with contributions from: Emeraude Sautereau,
Initiate of the Night Court


If you're a member and have something that you would like to submit to our library, please send a private message Mariana Shahrizai.

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