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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member       Damiane de Mereliot

TdA Member Contributed Articles
Naamah's Curse - Dramatis Personae
A spoiler-free character list

by Tejrinde Shahrizai
Mandrake House






Notes: list is sorted by region, character type and appearance within the novel.

CH'IN (China)

Moirin mac Fainche - daughter of Fainche mac Eithne of the Maghuin Dhonn, descendant of Alais de la Courcel (D'Angeline) called Alais the Wise in Alba and Conor mac Grainne of the Dalraida (Alban), and of Phanuel Demarre, Priest of Naamah (D'Angeline)
Bao – half-Tatar (by General Arslan)/half-Ch'in (born of Yingtai) stick-fighter/acrobat, pupil of Master Lo Feng Tzu
Master Lo Feng Tzu – Ch’in Scholar, physician and alchemist (deceased)
Auntie Li - Proprietress of a Ch'in travelers' inn
Grandmother Fang - squash-seller in Tonghe
Hui - 10-year-old grandson of Grandmother Fang
Ang Shen - Bao's mother's husband
Yingtai - Bao's mother
Ang Song - Bao's sister
Auntie Ai - Proprietress of sewing shop where Yingtai and Ang Song work at embroidering
Chen Peng - Imperial soldier at the Great Wall


Grandmother Yue - Ch'in Imperial princess descended from his Celestial Majesty Zhu Daoyo and given in marriage to Tatar tribal leader, Khan Oyugun as part of a peace treaty; grandmother to Batu
Batu - Tatar man, grandson of Grandmother Yue, husband to Checheg
Checheg - Tatar woman, wife to Batu
Temur - eldest son of Batu and Checheg, approximately thirteen years old
Sarangerel - eldest daughter of Batu and Checheg, approximately six or seven years old
Mongke - youngest son of Batu and Checheg, approximately two or three years old
Oyun - tribesman of Batu's
Solongo - tribeswoman of Batu's
General Arslan - Bao's birth-father
Erdene - Great Khan Naram's youngest daughter
Great Khan Naram - leader of Batu's Tatar tribe

VRALIA (Russia)

Ilya - Brother in the Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
Leonid - Brother in the Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
Pyotr Rostov - Patriarch of Riva, Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
Luba - wife to Pyotr Rostov
Valentina - sister to Pyotr Rostov
Aleksei - nephew to Pyotr Rostov, son of Valentina and an unnamed d'Angeline diplomat
Avraham ben David - Rebbe who counseled Grand Prince Tadeuz Vral and shepherded the birth of the Church of Yeshua (deceased)
Vachir - Tatar archer
Arigh - Vachir's wife
Polina - innkeeper, wife of Rodya
Rodya - innkeeper
Chagan - Tatar tribesman and translator


Unegen - Tufani grandfather to Dash
Dash - Tufani boy
Dorje - Tufani trader
Laysa - young Tufani woman; one of the Enlightened Ones
Pemba - Tufani trader
Nyima - Tufani wife of Dorje
Maharaja of Chodur - (deceased)
Manil Datar - caravan master to Bhodistan
Tashi Rinpoche - boy-monk and tulkus (i.e.: reborn teacher); one of the Enlightened Ones
Sanjiv - scarred porter in Manil Datar's caravan; friend to animals

BHAKTIPUR (Bangladesh)

Neena - a girl of eleven or twelve years
Amrita Sukhyhim - Rani of Bhaktipur; the Lady of Rats; eleven-year widow of Chakresh Sukhyhim
Chakresh Sukhyhim - former Raja of Bhaktipur, former husband to Amrita, father of Ravindra (deceased)
Ravindra Sukhyhim - Son of the Rani and Raja of Bhaktipur; ten-year-old heir to the throne
Hasan Dar - Amrita's Commander of the Guard
Pradeep - Hasan Dar's second in command

KURUGIRI (Tufani mountain eyrie)

Tarik Khaga - trainer of assassins, the Falconer, Raja of Kurugiri
Jagrati - an untouchable in Bhodistan, trainer of assassins, wife to Tarik Khaga; the Spider Queen
Divyesh Patel - poisoner for Tarik Khaga
Sudhakar - assassin in Tarik's/Jagrati's lair
Govind - elderly steward in Khaga's fortress
Dev - a potter's son


Sakyamuni - "The Enlightened One" (
Gautama Buddha)
Guanyin - "She Who Hears Our Prayers" (
Durga - "The Invincible" (Durga)
Brahma - "God of Creation" (
Brahma and/or Brahma)
Vishnu - "God of Maintenance" (
Shiva - "God of Destruction" (
Tara - "Mother of Liberation" (
Lakshmi - "Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm." (
Krishna - "The Supreme Being" (Krishna)
Kali - "Eternal Energy" (
Hanuman—Hindu deity (
Ganesha - "Remover of Obstacles" (


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