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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member      Damiane de Mereliot

Terre d'Ange Member-Contributed Articles

These insightful pieces were written by various members of our community.  While they reflect the writer's own thoughts, they serve as a glimpse into Terre d'Ange society and the people who inhabit it. 

Alyssum House: “Sin,” “Shame”/
Elua and his Companions

by Averet Abrahil





The Cassiline Brotherhood

by Lady Calarriel
Peer of the Realm





Alyssum: A Study of Its Diversity

by Anchille D'Aubigne
Balm Adept





Balm: Rest and Be Soothed

by Anchille D'Aubigne
Balm Adept





Why Our Love Hurts - A Quick Whip Through the Hows and Whys of Sadomasochism

by Antoine nó Pluinceid






If you're a member and have something that you would like to submit to our library, please send a private message Damiane Mereliot.

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