D'Angeline Nobility

The Great Houses

Aside from being a major House in Terre d'Ange, each of these families has a significant impact, through multiple members, on the series or our understanding of its world. Click on the name of a family for more information on its symbols or traits, its history, or specific scions and the role they play in the series.

House d'Aiglemort
House Courcel
House L'Envers
House Maignard (**Spoilers for Kushiel's Mercy**
House Mereliot
House Montrève
House Morhban
House Rocaille
House Rousse
House Shahrizai
House Somerville
House Trente
House Trevalion
House Verreuil

Other Nobility

These characters may be members of the Great Houses of Terre d'Ange, but they are the only members of their families who are referenced within the series.

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Baron d'Albert is a young Siovalese baron who plays piquet with Julien Trente and Imriel and wins a bunch of Imriel's money (KM 107).

d'Arguil: Marquis d'Arguil and his wife are attended by a Cassiline brother in Avatar (80). Their crest/arms is a silver harrow (KA 652).

Hubert Arundel is a young lord who beats Imriel at quoits (KS 192)

Sarielle d'Aubert is a D'Angeline philosopher who was renowned in her lifetime for traveling with a retinue of attendants prepared to cater to her every whim (KJ 49). Phèdre attends the Longest Night costumed as her.

Cuillen Baphinol, a young Eisandine nobleman who studied medicine at one of Eisheth's sanctuaries, is charged by the Queen to check in on Imriel's safety when he first returns to Terre d'Ange (KA 669).

Baron Jean Le Blanc, a vassal lord of Imriel's estate of Barthelme, is encouraged by Barquiel to bring a trivial suit, persist with it, and then profane the Longest Night (KM 59-62).

Lisette de Blays is one of Sidonie's ladies-in-waiting, "a pretty young Namarrese noblewoman with an impudent sense of humor" (KM 43). She throws the first fête to which Imriel and Sidonie are invited together.

Baron de Brenois killed a Yeshuite lad in a quarrel and went to Kushiel's temple to be purged of it (KC 168).

Baronesse Isabel de Bretel is an elderly L'Agnacite lady who was a member of Alais and Barquiel's shadow Parliament. She was sent as an envoy of peace to Ysandre on the eve of civil war (KM 582).

Baronesse Estelle de Carvoile is the daughter of a female Bryony adept; she played rhythmomachy with Fortun in the Hall of Games (KC 136).

Baron Victor de Chalais led most of the delegates home from Khebel-im-Akkad while Amaury Trente waited to see if Phèdre would survive (KA 287).

Duchese Vivianne de Chalasse "held great sway in L'Agnace; indeed, hers had been the sovereign duchy in the province until Ysandre had raised Percy de Somerville to the rank of Duc, and granted him ascendance" (KC 188).

Charlot: the Baronesse de Charlot offers an assignation to Phedre; House Charlot breeds horses, including blood-bays, in Kusheth (KC 108).

Vicomte de Cherevin is appointed by Ysandre as steward of the Little Court until all the inheritance and treachery issues are straightened out (KC 619).

Tarren d'Eltoine is the Captain of the Unforgiven in Chosen (KC 204). He, like most of the Unforgiven, is Camaeline.

Childric d'Essoms is Phèdre's first patron. Imri meets him on the Longest Night at the Palace; he introduces himself as "formerly of the Court of Chancery, lately ambassador to Ephesium" (KJ 69).

Marquisate de Fhirze: jointly held by Apollonaire (male) and Dianne (female), in Namarre near the border with Kusheth (KC 126). Dianne is older by a year (which mimics the Greek/Hellene myth that Artemis was born first before her brother Apollo).

Denise Fleurais, daughter of a female Bryony adept, was a member of the delegation in Menekhet and, later, Ysandre's ambassador to Tiberium (KS 517).

Grosmaine: Denise Grosmaine is the Secretary of the Presence (KM 9). Marguerite Grosmaine is her daughter and is Imriel's age (KS 198).

Marcel de Groulaut was appointed Ysandre's ambassador to Menekhet after the Comte de Penfars was dismissed (KM 238).

Frederic Guillard is a young Azzallese baron who'd spent a summer at Court and played piquet in the Hall of Games with Imriel. He becomes a member of Alais and Barquiel's shadow Parliament (KM 526).

Labarre: "...a young scion of the impoverished House Labarre stammered apologies for having nothing more to offer [Sidonie] than a flask of cordial with a limp bunch of violets around the neck" (KJ 113).

Marguerite Lafons, Marquise de Lafoneuil: her estate lies on the western border of the duchy of Barthelme. Imri meets her at the Longest Night at the Palace; she is wearing a beaked mask and a towering headdress of feathers (KJ 67).

Claude de Monluc is the Captain of Sidonie's personal Guard (KM 34). Thelesis de Mornay is the King's Poet in Dart and the Queen's Poet afterward, a noble rank equivalent (if not superior) to the modern honor of Poet Laureate. Thelesis was a friend of Anafiel Delaunay's, and she often claimed that he should have been King's Poet rather than her. The winter of Dart, the Bitterest Winter, Thelesis took a chill that never really went away, causing her death in the years between Avatar and Scion. Her apprentice, Gilles Lamiz, takes her place. (KD 111)

Remuel L'Oragen of Azzalle and Claire LeDoux of Namarre. "They'd met in their youth and been parted by their feuding Houses, carrying on a love affair through letters that spanned a score of years, wedding at last in the middle of their lives" (KJ 149).

Micheline de Parnasse is the Royal Archivist in Chosen (KC 566)

Penfars: Raife Laniol, Comte de Penfars, was Ysandre's ambassador in Iskandria at the beginning of Avatar (KA 213). His wife's name is Juliette (KA 255). Ysandre had him replaced for not learning Menekhetan (KM 240).

Renee de Rives is a Baron's daughter and consort to Royce Guidel- she and Royce were both members of Trente's delegation to Menekhet (KA 269).

Tibault de Toluard, a Siovalese lord, serves as D'Angeline ambassador to the fledgling Euskerria (KM 626). In Dart, he is the Comte de Toluard; in Chosen, he has been promoted to Marquis as recognition for his service defending against the Skaldi (KC 109).

Lelahiah Valais is the Queen's Eisandine chirurgeon (KS 86).

Reference key:

KD = Kushiel's Dart KS = Kushiel's Scion
KC = Kushiel's Chosen KJ = Kushiel's Justice
KA = Kushiel's Avatar KM = Kushiel's Mercy

Page numbers are for the American mass market paperbacks for Kushiel's Dart, Chosen, Avatar, and Scion, and for the American hardcovers for Kushiel's Justice and Mercy.

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