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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member Mariana Shahrizai

Provinces of Terre d'Ange


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L'Agnace is the province founded by Anael. L'Agnace's weather is mild and temperate; the soil is fertile. The province shares a small border with Caerdicci Unitas and has no coastline. The Royal City of Elua is located in L'Agnace.

Somerville is the ruling duchy of L'Agnace after Kushiel's Dart; before that, it was Chalasse (KC 188). Another L'Agnacite family is Bretel. Imriel's holding of Heuzé is located in L'Agnace, as is Lombelon, which he deeds to Maslin. Anael's scions give off the scent of apples when they are emotional.




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