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Provinces of Terre d'Ange


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Eisande was founded by Eisheth. It is the smallest of the seven provinces and encompasses the southern coastal lands.

The city of Marsilikos contains a golden-domed Temple of Eisheth which is said to have saved sailors' lives when they were lost at sea by guiding them into harbor.

Mereliot is the ruling duchy of Eisande; it contains Marsilikos, which is the family's seat. Because Eisheth was female, Marsilikos is always ruled by a Lady. Usually she is the heir of House Mereliot, but if only sons are born, then the heir's wife becomes the Lady of Marsilikos. Eisheth's scions have music, storytelling, and healing as their legacy; Eisande gave rise to the Mendacants, travelling storytellers and performers. Eisande is also home to a large and well-tolerated Tsingani population. Baphinol is another Eisandine family; Lelahiah Valais is Queen Ysandre's Eisandine chirurgeon (KS 86).





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