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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses


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House Trevalion holds Pointe des Soeurs, the point closest to Alba (KJ 402), and is presumably the sovereign duchy in Azzalle.
House Trevalion's personal quarters are on the third floor of the Palace (KJ 8).
Sea-grey eyes run in the Trevalion family: Baudoin and Bernadette both have dark hair and grey eyes (KJ 9).

Marc, Duc de Trevalion, married Lyonette de la Courcel. They had two children: Baudoin and Bernadette.
Baudoin attended the University of Tiberium, until he was expelled for unnamed escapades (KD 50). He played the Sun Prince when Phèdre was 10. He and Lyonette were executed for treason.
Marc and Bernadette were exiled, then recalled to cement Ghislain de Somerville's place in Trevalion -- Bernadette and Ghislain were married. The inheritance of Trevalion (and presumably Somerville) hangs on their son, Bertran de Trevalion. He is roughly Imriel's age (KS 196).

**spoilers for Scion**
Bernadette hired a man to kill Imriel while he was in Tiberium.

Gaspar Trevalion, the Comte de Forcay, was a friend of Delaunay's and cousin of Marc's. He became friends with Solaine Belfours while she was fostered at Trevalion.

Ghislain nó Trevalion




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