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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses


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Somerville lies in L'Agnace. A scent of apples hangs in the air when members of the Somerville family are emotional, as they are scions of Anael (KC 78), which at least implies that other families descended from Anael have similar reactions to stress.
Somerville was elevated to the sovereign duchy of L'Agnace after the Skaldic invasion.

Members of House Somerville

*spoilers for Chosen, like, really really serious ones**
Percy is the Duc de Somerville. In Dart, he was the Comte de Somerville; after the Skaldic invasion, he was promoted and named Royal Commander (KC 13). Percy was fond of Lyonette de Trevalion and pledged her the Royal Army's support for Baudoin's bid for the throne (KC 328). He is also a Prince of the Blood on Ysandre's grandmother's side (KC 658).

Ghislain is Percy's son. He was granted the duchy of Trevalion in Dart after Lyonette and Baudoin's treason, and he married Bernadette de Trevalion when Ysandre recalled her from exile. Their son, Bertran de Trevalion, is the heir to Trevalion and, presumably, Somerville. When Percy's treachery was exposed, Ghislain renounced his family and became Ghislain nó Trevalion.




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