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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses


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House Shahrizai is (according to themselves) the oldest and purest bloodline of Kushiel. It has extensive holdings along both coasts of Kusheth (KS 133), and members of House Shahrizai don't use land-titles among themselves. They are very, very loyal to one another and to the family itself.
Shahrizai livery is ornate gold on black brocade, "black velvet adorned with gold brocade" (KS45). Their arms are three linked keys, Kushiel's keys to Hell.
The men wear their hair in plaits like tiny chains or a river of fine-linked chains; the women wear it long and loose. Blue-black hair, sapphire eyes, and ivory skin are the stamp of House Shahrizai.

Branion is one of House Shahrizai's retainers who is sent to the Palace to keep an eye on Marmion.
The Shahrizai estate just outside the city is run by the stewart Isembart (KJ 420).

Members of House Shahrizai
**spoilers for Dart and minor ones for Chosen**

Faragon is the ruling Duc de Shahrizai, who left his estates for the first time in fifteen years in Chosen for Marmion's trial (158). His hair is silver from age.
Sacriphant (Mavros's father) is Melisande's uncle (KS 135).
Fanchone (Baptiste and Roshana's mother) is Melisande's first cousin (KS 135).
Marmion and Persia turned Melisande in to Quincel de Morhban at the end of Dart.
Persia helped Melisande escape from Troyes-le-Mont.
In an effort to prove this, Marmion kinda accidentally killed Persia.
Tabor swore blood-feud with Marmion over it. Tabor is a random cousin, roughly Melisande's age, whom Phèdre sees when the Shahrizai are going to mourn Baudoin's death in Valerian House.


Melisande Shahrizai de la Courcel

Mavros is Imriel's first cousin once removed. Mavros is seventeen the winter before Imriel turns sixteen (KS 197).
Baptiste and Roshana (half-sibs) are his second cousins.
Aprilios (m), Thiela, and Sonoril are other cousins roughly Imriel's age.

Casimar Shahrizai



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