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Shemhazai Library   Content managed by our Librarian, member Mariana Shahrizai

D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses

House Rocaille

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The Comte de Rocaille, father of Edmée and David, was lord of one of the largest holdings in Siovale. There is a small university there, where the Kindred of Shemhazai study the sciences, and he donated his famous library (KD 121).

Edmée de Rocaille was Rolande de la Courcel's first intended. She was the daughter of the Comte de Rocaille. Isabel L'Envers bribed/charmed a stable-boy to cut her saddle girth so that she died in what appeared to be a hunting accident. Edmée had known of the romance between Anafiel Delaunay and Rolande, and she approved of it. Her portrait hangs in the Hall of Portraits in the Palace; she is a gentle-looking woman with brown hair and eyes.

David de Rocaille nó Rinforte, Edmée's brother, was one of Ysandre's Cassilines. He tried to assassinate her in La Serenissima and was slain by Joscelin in the most badass Cassiline duel ever. Since the old families usually send the middle son to the Cassilines, it seems likely that David and Edmée had two brothers, one older, one younger.




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