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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses

House Morhban

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House Morhban is the sovereign duchy of Kusheth, because it includes the Pointe d'Oeste (KD 314). Near it, there is the Isle d'Oeste, which contains a temple to Kushiel (KD 623). The castle of Morhban is a sturdy fortress sitting on a rocky escarpment above the sea (KD 624).

Duc Quincel de Morhban holds the title during the Kushiel's Legacy novels. He sees Phèdre at the Kusheline fete on the Longest Night when she is contracted by Melisande; he is masked as a wolf.
He has greying sandy hair and dark iron grey eyes, lean and rugged features (KD 619).
Phèdre passes a night with him in exchange for passage to Quintilius Rousse's fleet. He gifts her with a ring of black pearls (KD 632).




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