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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses


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Mereliot is the sovereign duchy of Eisande. The 'capital city', essentially, is Marsilikos, a seaport roughly corresponding to real-life Marseille. Marsilikos is always ruled by a Lady, because it was Eisheth's own city, and so the heir and head of House Mereliot is always female.
The Lady of Marsilikos's banner is Eisheth's sign: two golden fish, head to tail so they form a circle on a sea-blue field. The livery of her household is sea-blue with gold braid and Eisheth's crest (KS 899).
Scions of House Mereliot tend toward dark hair and dark or smoky grey eyes.

Duchese Roxanne de Mereliot is the Lady of Marsilikos during the Kushiel's Legacy novels. She has two children a little older than Imri: Gerard and Jeanne (KS 899, 902). Gerard is the Captain of his mother's Guard. Jeanne is younger than Gerard, her mother's heir, and a chirurgeon; in Scion, she sleeps with Imriel, welcoming him home (KS 905). Both children studied in Tiberium. Gerard accompanies Imriel back to the City of Elua with some of his mother's guardsmen.

**spoilers for Mercy**
When Imriel escapes from the City of Elua to go and beg aid from his mother, he visits Jeanne de Mereliot in Marsilikos. She and other physicians are studying, trying to find a cure for the apparent madness that grips the City, and Imriel tells her what he himself experienced that night. Jeanne offers Imriel a respite, Eisheth's mercy- a night in her bed before his quest takes him so far away. Imriel refuses out of a need to keep Sidonie's memory bright and strong.



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