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D'Angeline Nobility - The Great Houses

House Courcel

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House Courcel holds the throne of Terre d'Ange. The Courcel crest is a silver swan on a royal blue background; often, the Courcel flag is flown with Elua's own flag, a golden lily surrounded by seven stars on a green field.
The eldest scion of the direct line of House Courcel inherits the throne, regardless of gender. The monarch must be crowned in the City of Elua.
House Courcel is descended very directly from Elua, although of course their marriages have brought traces of the other companions' lineage into the line.
Courcel livery is midnight blue. The Palace Guard wears it. The Dauphine's Guard, once she is of age, wears Courcel blue with vertical stripes of a paler blue (KJ 425).
Queen's Couriers carry a pennant, a square of rich blue with a diagonal bar of silver (KS 21).
Lord Robert is the Royal Chamberlain under Ysandre (KM 615).
Apparently, the ruling monarch costumes herself as the Snow Queen at the Palace's Longest Night masque (KC 74)... even though in Scion, she is arrayed as Summer (276). In Mercy, though, she is "glittering in wintry white" (66).
Sitting rulers had been known to summon the Dowayne of Cereus House for counsel, four generations or more before Ysandre's rule.

Members of House Courcel (spoilers thru Avatar, although they're not major, merely by characters' existence; spoilers thru Dart for actual plot points):

Ganelon de la Courcel: The oldest of the siblings (Ganelon, Lyonette, Benedicte-- we don't know the relative ages of the younger two), Ganelon inherited the throne of Terre d'Ange and married Genevieve (presumably de Somerville). His only son was Rolande de la Courcel; Ysandre is his granddaughter. Ganelon died near the end of Dart, during the Bitterest Winter, right before the Skaldi invasion.

Benedicte de la Courcel

Lyonette de Trevalion: Lyonette married Marc de Trevalion and birthed Baudoin and Bernadette. Lyonette was known as the Lioness of Azzalle (Trevalion is an Azzallese House). She and Bernadette are Princesses of the Blood; Baudoin was a Prince of the Blood. Lyonette and Baudoin commit treason by conspiring with Foclaidha of Alba to put Baudoin on Terre d'Ange's throne. Lyonette and Baudoin are both sentenced to death; Lyonette takes poison, while Baudoin falls on his sword.

Rolande de la Courcel: Rolande is Ganelon's son, the Dauphin of Terre d'Ange. Rolande and Anafiel Delaunay were in love/lovers. At first, Rolande was betrothed to Edmée de Rocaille. Edmée died in a hunting accident when her rival, Isabel L'Envers, cut her saddle girth. Isabel and Rolande were eventually wed; Ysandre is their daughter. For Rolande's sake, Anafiel swore Cassiel's Oath to protect Ysandre. Anafiel also wrote a poem naming Isabel L'Envers a murderess; his poems were declared anathema, but Rolande intervened and protected him from further consequences. Rolande died at the Battle of Three Princes while fighting the Skaldi.
Phèdre was too young to remember this battle (KD 30).

Ysandre de la Courcel

Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel

Sidonie de la Courcel

Alais de la Courcel

Courcel Family Tree
**Spoilers thru the first chapter of Naamah's Kiss**

A very gracious friend of terredange.net has created a detailed family tree which includes all the Noble Families of Terre d'Ange.   

Courcel Family Tree
(link will open in a new window)


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