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Night Court - Balm House

The Balm House canon is compassion.  Members of Balm believe that when Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she did so with compassion. 
House motto: Rest and be soothed.

Please visit the gallery of gifts that have been graciously bestowed on Balm House by our patrons.

Torrie Le'Alma

Rank: Adept

Member since: Jan 2, 2008

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia





Anchille D'Aubigne

Rank: Adept
Achieved: July 27, 2010

Member since: Dec 11, 2009







Currently, Balm House is without a Dowayne.  Houses must have three Adepts before a Dowayne can be named.

Balm House, in the words of its members:

As you open the doors to Balm House, you immediately are overcome with a feeling of peace and healing. The doors are carved of oak and are covered with carvings of caring people obviously working their healing touch on the sick and broken hearted. The foyer is lighted by dozens of candles and leads you into the inner sanctuary of Balm House. All around you are chairs and couches filled with down pillows and velvet blankets. Young members are relaxing as the initiates tenderly care for their charges. You see an adept walk to you. Her hair is neatly piled on the top of her head. She is wearing a pure white gown that hugs her curves and accents her femininity. Her smile is pure bliss, and you find yourself relaxing and smiling back.

"Welcome," she says, her voice like silk, "to Balm House."

We are a like-minded people that nurture and heal. We prefer to give advice on life and health. We pride ourselves on being “drama-free”. As our guests join us, they will find that there is no judgment on them. The first step in healing is accepting. They will be accepted for who they are and welcomed into a caring House that is all about peace and harmony.
We believe in putting others' needs in front of our own. When Phedre no Delaunay lay with Hyacinthe in compassion, she discovered what Balm House stands for. As Naamah gave herself out of love and compassion for Elua, so are the thoughts and feelings of the Balm House Adepts.
Nurture, love, calm, non-judgmental, peace, and healing can all be used to describe Balm House and what its adepts stand for.


If you are currently a member, and are interested in joining Balm House, please see the requirements.  If you are not already a member, please join us.

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