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Night Court - Alyssum House

The Alyssum House canon is modesty.  Members of Alyssum believe that when Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she trembled to lay aside her modesty. 
House motto: With eyes averted.

Please visit the gallery of gifts that have been graciously bestowed on Alyssum House by our patrons.

Lya no'Alyssum

Rank: Adept
Achieved: Jul 11, 2009

Member since: Mar 11, 2009

Location: Phoenix




Read Alyssum: A Study of Its Diversity, a member-contributed article by Anchille D'Aubigne or Alyssum House: "Sin", "Shame"/Elua and his Companions, a member-contributed article by Averet Abrahil.

Alyssum House, in the words of its members:

Alyssum is a small, nondescript genus of flower. It has a mild but pleasing fragrance and somewhat ordinary coloring, with white and yellow blooms. On occasion, you will find a plant with vibrant pink or purple flowers, or a shrub instead of a low-to-the-ground flowering bush. It prefers full sun to partial shade to grow in. And, most importantly, this flower thrives in ANY type of soil and is very drought resistant. The plants form tight clusters of flowers, but tend to creep and take over beds they are planted in.

Adepts of Alyssum share many of the qualities of this beautiful and abundant flower. We are nondescript and discreet. We are ordinary yet have a vibrant bloom within us. We thrive in any environment, and we are resistant to the "droughts" we see occaisionally in patronage. We form tight groups, but if you give us opportunity, we will grow and take over the beds of our patrons, and infiltrate their hearts.

Our house is humble on the outside. The grounds are well kept, but not showy. Yet inside... there are things you will not see in any other place. It is beautiful, graceful, warm, inviting, circumspect. Conversely, it is vibrant, full of elements that suprise and entice, and can be awe-inspiring.

The interactions are personal yet somewhat hesitant at first, but open with time. Creativity abounds right now, and our views on sin and sensuality are more on par with the Cassiline views than Jasmine, but we are purveyors of our art, and our service to Namaah fills a need that everyone, at one point, has. Through our humility and shyness, we serve........

Written by Alyssum Adept Lya Tieran.

If you are currently a member, and are interested in joining Alyssum House, please see the requirements.  If you are not already a member, please join us.

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